• Measure and Improve Performance Improve healthcare quality and financial performance with industry-leading HEDIS® compliance, CMS validation and risk adjustment audits.

  • Partner with the Most Experienced Audit Teams Advent staff played key roles in developing NCQA and CMS audit programs since their beginning.

  • See Why Advent Clients Come Back Year After Year 100% of our clients are “very” satisfied with their lead auditor and would recommend Advent to others.

Advent Advisory Group provides HEDIS® and CMS validation audits that help health plans drive quality improvement in healthcare.

ncqaLogoFounded in 2008, Advent is an industry-leading provider of healthcare quality, compliance and data validation audits nationwide.  From our inception, we have earned a reputation for our technical expertise, the partnerships we build with our clients and the efficiencies we build into our audit processes.

We don’t just follow best practices, we help create them
Advent staff actively participated in the development and refinement of NCQA’s HEDIS, P4P and WHP audit programs and we were one of the founding audit firms to conduct CMS Medicare Data Validation (MDV) audits. Today, we are expanding by leveraging our expertise to meet emerging client needs including Initial Validation Audits (IVA), MDV Pre-Assessment audits and software measure certification audits. SEE SERVICES

We transform client relationships into trusted partnerships
We approach every audit project as the beginning of a new partnership, not just a one or two day onsite review. We strive to earn your trust every day by tailoring our approach to meet your needs and preferences, responding to inquiries within 24 hours, and eliminating surprises through ongoing value-added communications. This formula works. 100% of our clients are “very” satisfied with their lead auditor and would recommend Advent to others. LEARN MORE 

We make the audit process more efficient
At Advent, operational efficiency is an on-going process, not a destination. We work continuously to build technical tools and modify processes to increase the efficiency of our audits and decrease burden on our clients. LEARN MORE

What Our Clients Say

"Our MDV lead auditor is confidently knowledgeable, which is a very important element in our improvement processes. Our Team relies greatly on our Auditor’s feedback and guidance as we increase in our knowledge and commitment toward consistent improvement."