Digging Deep and Reaching Out


Advent team members have long-standing commitments to giving back to both the communities in which we live and work and the broader world community. Our team’s teaching contributions, PTA leadership, blood and food drive efforts, and fundraising activites help to create strong communities for this generation and for generations to come.

As is true with many of our clients, some Advent team members are part of the “sandwich generation,” simultaneously caring for both our own children and for our aging relatives. Advent recognizes the critical importance of these commitments and works with team members to find work-life balance.

Advent team members aren’t afraid to get their hands dirty and are often found working in school, community and their own gardens, at local farmers’ markets and teaching school children about healthy food choices and sources.

Growing Community Gardens

Growing Community Gardens

Some Advent team members are committed to addressing the needs of homeless families through work with local and national organizations in building and finding housing, volunteering to feed the homeless, spearheading clothing drives, participating in cancer awareness and cure events and taking in and feeding international college students who are thousands of miles away from home.

Others participate in fundraising activities, including annual St. Baldrick’s events to raise money for childhood cancer research and stand in solidarity with kids undergoing cancer treatment.

No matter where they devote their energies, Advent team members are committed to making a difference.