Promoting Success

Advent’s programs promote success through effective strategies built on our years of experience.  Through personalized relationships, meticulous attention to detail and integrated problem solving, we work collaboratively with our clients to achieve excellence.

Clearly Defined Goals and Timelines

Advent works in partnership with its clients to ensure accurate and positive outcomes, whether maximizing the number of measures that can be validly reported to NCQA or other reporting entities, or ensuring accurate and complete data are submitted to CMS or HHS.  Toward that end, we maintain on-going communication with clients to set clear and achievable goals, modify timelines where possible and avoid last-minute surprises. We develop detailed timelines and audit work plans customized to fit our clients’ needs and circumstances.

Focused Reviews

At Advent, our focus is on those areas most likely to have the greatest impact on final results.

Our reviews emphasize early identification of data issues and effective collection processes, thereby reducing burden and ensuring accurate reporting.  Advent’s audit principles include the following:

  • Efficient, streamlined processes
  • Collaborative, constructive, client-focused approaches
  • Emphasis on education, ongoing communication, knowledge and information sharing
  • Focus on quality, analysis and positive results
  • Full transparency
  • Rapid response times
  • Reduced audit burden
  • Industry insights and best practices by recognized leaders