Communication, Communication, Communication


Through the efforts and input of Advent’s designated subject matter experts, our clients gain in-depth knowledge of reporting requirements and audit expectations, are able to set realistic goals and thereby reduce staff stress and increase team efficiency.  Our communications are intended to

  • Provide clients with detailed reviews of changes in technical specifications and reporting requirements, key audit steps, use of Advent tools and secure web portals
  • Build client confidence, particularly for those who are new to performance measure reporting and data validation

Open discussion is critical to a successful audit.  As such, Advent’s program allows for ongoing communication during the review process and beyond.

Client Manuals

Advent’s program-specific Client Manuals provide detailed descriptions of key audit steps, delineate milestone deadlines and clearly identify roles and responsibilities. These comprehensive documents are intended to serve as the core “go-to” documents for all staff, whether they are new to or experienced with the reporting and audit process.

Informational Newsletters

Advent’s news bulletins provide in-depth analysis of yearly changes to technical specifications and their impact on reporting, new audit requirements and protocols, and other industry insights and trends. These communications provide important clarifications throughout the year and keep clients up to date on changes impacting their organization.

Ongoing E-Mail Alerts

Our e-mail alerts ensure clients stay abreast of the latest information by providing critical, real-time updates on technical specifications, upcoming deadlines, and frequently asked questions (FAQ) and other policy clarifications. Advent’s team of subject matter experts also provides ongoing interpretation of specifications, audit standards, and reporting requirements.

Client Webinars

Throughout the year, Advent provides topic-specific educational opportunities detailing audit requirements and protocols, technical specifications, measure-specific issues, and industry trends. These calls give clients an opportunity to address specific questions to our recognized subject matter experts and learn helpful tips, strategies and best practices. We also provide client-specific trainings for organizations and staff new to reporting which provide a comprehensive and detailed overview of the audit and reporting processes. All calls are recorded and available to clients at a time convenient for them.