Initial Validation Audit (IVA) and Support

Get the expertise you need to meet HHS-RADV audit requirements, submit accurate risk adjustment data and improve financial performance.

The accuracy of your IVA has a direct impact on your financial performance

The Affordable Care Act (ACA) requires qualified commercial health plans to retain an independent Initial Validation Auditor (IVA) to validate member risk adjustment data in accordance with the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) Risk Adjustment Data Validation audit program.

Selecting a highly qualified IVA auditor is one the most important decisions you will make in the HHS-RADV process, as the accuracy of your results will have a significant impact on your plan’s financial performance.

Why you should choose Advent as your IVA auditor

Advent is fully qualified to perform your IVA. Beyond meeting all HHS qualifications, credentials and resource requirements, we have been conducting CMS Medicare Data Validation audits since the inception of the program—and audited thousands of measure submissions in accordance with the CMS technical specifications and data validation manual.

Advent is also an NCQA-licensed HEDIS® Compliance Organization, which certifies our data validation experience, firm commitment to audit best practices and strict adherence to the highest standards of professional responsibility, codes of conduct, organizational independence, and data security and privacy.

What you can expect when you partner with us

Advent’s client-centered approach focuses on ensuring a smooth audit, reducing operational burden on your teams and maximizing your financial performance. We help you navigate the IVA process by building personalized relationships and collaborating with you to customize a streamlined audit program that meets the needs of your organization.

Advent’s client managers, certified coders and support teams work with you to:

  • Determine a timeline to ensure your audit meets HHS deadlines
  • Validate demographic and health status data of each enrollee in your HHS-selected audit sample
  • Ensure that all data are appropriately mapped to the each enrollee’s source documentation
  • Provide HHS with accurate risk adjustment data findings and respond to any subsequent documentation requests
  • Support you throughout appeals process as necessary
  • Prepare you for future IVA requirements

Our proven approach, consistent results, and personalized attention and client support are why 100% of our clients say they are “very” satisfied with our services and would wholly recommend us to others.